What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

In the year 1955, Bro. Dhinakaran's life was heading on to a point of no return. The pressures that were upon him at that point of time was too much for him to handle. He had to provide for a sick mother, find ways through closed doors for an employment opportunity and above all, his studies were heading nowhere. He took a look at his life and decided that these problems have no solution and that there would be no light at the end of the tunnel. Suicide seemed to be the only solution.

On February 11, 1955, after taking a long last loving glimpse of his beloved mother, knowing that he would see her no more, he walked towards the railway track so that the oncoming express train should take away his life and crush him beyond identification.

En-route to the track, he ran into his uncle, a Police Officer, through whom the Lord spoke in a way that would change his very outlook on life. He explained the immeasurable love and compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ, of His supreme sacrifice on the cross, and he pointed out to that the Lord Jesus was the only solution there ever was and is, to any problem that a man would be having or would ever have to face in future.

Bro. Dhinakaran asked him three simple questions:
"Can God heal my mother? Can He help me in my studies? Can he help me find a job?"
His uncle gave a "Yes" to all of these questions.
Then he sincerely asked him, "what should I do?"
All he said was to kneel and cry out to the Lord Jesus.

He returned home, and quickly entered his room, shut the door, dropped on to his knees and cried out to the Lord. The Lord, in His mercy, descended and revealed to him, as in a movie, the life that he had led for the past 20 years.

Tears welled up in his eyes and he began to cry uncontrollably. Then he begged the Lord for forgiveness and pleaded with Him for a cleansing. He asked Jesus to take charge of his life.

From that moment, his life spun around. Every night, Lord Jesus would come down and sit beside him and help him with his lessons; The Lord Himself would write his exams and gain him success. He granted an employment opportunity with the State Bank of India, India's largest banking network.

Thus, that one encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ had turned his life that was heading on to suicide towards a greatly successful one.