Bro. Duraisamy Geoffery Samuel Dhinakaran was born on July 1, 1935, in a village called Surandai of Tirunelveli in South Tamil Nadu, India. He was an obedient son to his parents, and his parents were very fond of him, being their only child.

His father Duraisamy was a school teacher. He loved to wear white at all times. Bro.Dhinakaran fondly remembers those unforgettable days when he would be playing in the soil as his dad returns back from the school after a tiresome day of teaching. He recollects the love with which his father would hug him unmindful of the dirt all over his body and unmindful of his clothes getting spoilt.

His mother Hepsibah was a housewife. She used to take great care of him, though she was an epileptic patient. Bro.Dhinakaran often remembers the agony that she used to undergo as she would be tormented by the fits which left her only at her old age when the Lord graciously touched and healed her with His miraculous hand.